Exotic Destinations To Visit In Italy

Italy is one of the beautiful places in the world. It is known for its stunning architectural buildings. People around the world visit Italy just to witness the magnificent buildings and artistic churches. Italy is a great place for foodies as you can taste the best Italian cuisine. You can also have a bite of the hot pizzas in Italy. The article below lists the various interesting tourist location located in and around Italy. This article would be useful for people who wish to travel around the world.

Modena is one of the famous destinations of Italy. It is also called as the hub of Italian automaking. The destination boasts about owning several popular restaurants of the world. The restaurant at Modena rank second in the world’s best restaurant list. The various architectural important sites like Piza grande, Dumo, Ghirlandina tower and other famous locations.

This is a romantic destination perched on the hilltop of the Amalfi Coast. Tourists visiting Italy do not miss out this city as it offers some of the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. You could witness various colorful houses with beautiful gardens in the terrace. People enjoy the annual musical concert that happens every year in the city.

Ascoli Piceno
This small townhouse has various idyllic social plazas. The town is famous for its architecturally significant buildings. There are several public squares in the city of Ascoli Piceno which permits tourists to have a cool walk along the city. You should never miss out witnessing the famous skyline where more than 50 towers shoot up in the streets of the city.

It is one of the historic cities of Italy. You can find various beautiful beaches and stunning mountains around the city. The city is known for various buildings of ancient times. Some buildings were built nearly 200 decades ago. The city also houses several beautiful churches of architectural importance. You can also satisfy your taste buds at the restaurants in Siracusa.

Parma is a riverside city which is known for the famous Italian food. You should visit the city to taste the delicious Pram Ham and Parmesan Cheese. These two are the favorite savory of the town of Parma. If you are an art lover, then Parma is a perfect destination. The National Gallery at Parma houses several artistic masterpieces. Parma also houses several museums, churches and opera houses.

It is one of the ancient cities in Italy. It is still considered as an exotic destination in Italy. The carved stones have been transformed into churches, restaurants, cafes etc.

It is a port city which is busy throughout the year. You could find the famous coffee houses and restaurants in the town of Trieste. The buildings constructed in the city are unique as they possess different architectural importance. It was a commercial center during the Astro-Hungarian kingdom

The above are the various stunning destinations located in and around Italy. It would surely be a magical experience for tourist visiting the above cities.

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